Qi Gong / Tai Ji Quan


« Bodhi has no tree,
Nor is there a bright mirror.
Buddha-nature is always clean and pure
How then and where can dust settle? »
Hui Neng

Meditation in the desertMeditation in the desert

Seated Meditation

Seated meditation allows us to settle our mind and to connect with the wonderful space that is to be found between the pelvic region and an extended diaphragm.
A mind crowded by a perpetual flow of thoughts causes mental and physical suffering.
The primary source of our profound nature is emptiness and clear light, called “Rigpa” by Tibetan masters.
The principle of the seated meditative position is not to attach ourselves to the mind or the void, but to be, quite simply, in a state of quiet presence.
From the moment we start to be really present, everything opens up to us.

Master Ben Huan, aged 105Master Ben Huan, aged 105

Mantras are recited and chanted phonemes, sometimes without specific meaning. Their sounds contain natural harmonics which penetrate our bone and energy structure, feeding us with information thanks to their vibrational qualities. These are known as seed or grain sounds.
Some mantras have been chanted for centuries; they carry the memory of various lineages and also a great power of resonance.
Chanting mantras awakens parts of the body that are out of tune or that are inert.
The ‘re-orchestration’ of such energy leads us to who we really are, in our deepest being.