Hebrew Symbolism

Names, Life Project

Your name is your life project.

calligraphy - by Shinta S. Zenker« Lior », calligraphy
by Shinta S. Zenker

What is your name?

Working from a person’s name, I have created a unique approach which enables each person to see where he is in relation to his life project and to help channel his energy towards its fulfilment, in the best possible conditions.

In all traditions the first name corresponds to our life project, whereas the family name is linked to the grand, family project of our lineage.
A name isn’t meant to be a film of sound that imprisons our identity, rather it is a set of all the forces that urge us along the path towards being and knowing ourselves.
Each name has its own vibrational energy structure, like DNA, the knowledge of which allows us to better accomplish that which we came on earth for.

Sometimes a change in our first name is necessary in order to switch plains of consciousness.
For example, in the biblical tradition, «Avram», the «exalted father», and his wife «Saraï» «my princess» were only able to conceive a child from the moment they changed their first names to «Avraham», «the father of multitudes» and «Sarah», «the princess». Avraham was thus able to fulfil his life project by becoming the father of the three main monotheistic religions.

calligraphy - by Shinta S. Zenker« Sarah and Shalom », calligraphy
by Shinta S. Zenker

Bearing our name

To bear a name is to belong to a lineage and to be part of a transcendental movement that looks to the future.
Since our name is given to us at birth, it also serves to remind us, again and again, that we live to be born and reborn.

To bear a name is to go towards one’s name.
A life project is about opening up to a new dimension of oneself, where every day is an adventure.

Shinta Zenker, painter and calligrapher, produces personalised works of art, based on names and their vibration.